Four friends opened the doors at Verde to the Brookhaven neighborhood in the spring of 2009. Their vision for the new restaurant was simple enough: open a local spot that would be fun and relaxed, perfect for families, friends, date-nights or just a neighborly drink. Stop by pretty much any day of the week and you can see that vision brought to life with plenty of fresh food, cool drinks and relaxed conversation flowing.

Like any good local place, at Verde we want to make sure everyone who walks in feels a familiarity and a sense of ownership – like this is your neighborhood place. At Verde, you’re always welcome and always have a say in how things are run. Think of us as the neighbors that happen to be excellent social hosts, and our restaurant as our great big house where we have everyone over to eat and drink our latest concoctions.

So, whether you’re looking for a little privacy in a comfy booth or a big patio full of friends and sunshine, we’re your place in the neighborhood for fresh tastes, and local flavor.